Friday, 3 April 2015

Albuera the refight.

Below table set up for refight. Two a side with players who didn't know the rules, played in a club night to a conclusion with a broadly historical result. One player did not like the rules but everyone else seemed to enjoy them. They get my vote (though thought the Spanish cavalry were a wee bit overrated).

So what happened ?

Battle commenced with Latour Mauberg's cavalry on the French left charging into the Spanish cavalry. The Vistula legion lancers smashed a brigade of Spanish Hussars and effectively put them out of the game. 

Surprisingly the other Spanish cavary brigade beat a brigade of French dragoons much to the disgust of one of the French players ! 

The main French effort was launched by Girrard and Gazans brigades again on the French left.. Indeed all the important fighting took place here and as in the historical battle brigades were rushed across here throughout the battle as the game hung in the balance. 

The initial French assault was well prepared and delivered a crushing series of volleys followed by charges with the bayonet against the Spanish infantry. This proved too much and several Spanish brigades were destroyed. At this point 5 allied brigades had been put out of action for a loss of only 1 french brigade. the Allied army had a break point of 7 so were getting perilously close to defeat. The French army had a break point of 5 brigades. 

 However the British infantry brigades arrived in time to plug the gap and gradually their volleys and charges ground down the French infantry which was forced to retire. 

What you might ask was the rest of the French Army doing, not much really ! The only real action in the centre came when Lumley's British Dragoons caught a French infantry brigade not in square and cut it up. However it being impetus British cavalry it followed up into the French centre and ultimately got destroyed. There were a couple of disjointed French attacks in the centre notably by Briche's light cavalry which might have swung the result to the French but ultimately the destruction of the French left tipped the balance and the French had to withdraw.

It was pretty close in the end with the French and Allies being 1 brigade away from defeat for a couple of turns. The result and overall shape of the game was pretty historical and certainly very enjoyable for me as a spectator !! 


  1. I felt the Allied players handled the battle superbly. The charge of Lumley's dragoons paralysed teh French centre, leading to the isolation and eventual destruction of teh French left

  2. Playing the Allies perhaps Mr D

  3. In summary the rules are like Grande Armee with all the good bits taken out.

    If you like a napoleonic game dominated by knights charging around and crashing through fresh infantry then these rules are for you......

    Can't wait for Sam's next effort.

  4. Douglas, you spent the whole game emulating trooping the colour until the very last minute when you decided that your infantry didn't need to form square to receive cavalry!

  5. You not going to post about the second re fight?